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Shed and Garage Demolition and Removal Services


Shed and garage demo in Pennsylvania

CMB Demolition and Removal specializes in the demolition and removal of any and all free standing, or attached structures like sheds or garages.  We promise to offer professional and prompt services at competive prices.  No job is too big or too small.  In addition we pride ourselves in salvaging and recycling any and all items possible in order to help the environment, and keep our planet clean.


Tired of looking at that old shed?  C.M.B. Demolition and removal will demo, clean up, and haul away your existing shed in most cases 1 day.  Our trained staff has all the tools, equipment, and know how necessary to completely demo any shed or free standing structure.  Do you have electric going to your existing shed?  No problem.  C.M.B. Demolition & Removal has licensed electricians on staff if necessary to neatly and safely remove any existing electric, and properly cap off any electrical lines that may be connected to the structure in order to meet your townships local code.  In addition our prices cannot be beat.  Contact C.M.B. Demolition & Removal today for your free estimate!!!!!

Do you have an old garage detached or attached to your existing home?  Depending on the size and situation C.M.B. Demolition & Removal can completely demo and remove a Garage in 2-3 days.  Even if your garage is attached to your home we have electricians, roofing contractors, plumbers, and siding contractors on staff in order to make your home look like nothing was ever removed.  C.M.B. Demolition & Removal will handle all aspects of the garage removal from pulling permits at your local township, too putting the finishing touches on your home.  Rest assured that with C.M.B. Demolition & Removal you are in good hands and we promise to get the job done, and on budget.  Contact C.M.B. Demolition & Removal today for your free estimate!!!!!

At C.M.B. Demolition & Removal, safety is our #1 priority.  All of our employees have been trained in all areas of Demolition, Removal, and excavating.  C.M.B. Demolition & Removal is fully licensed and insured and holds a PA Home Improvement contractors license with the state of Pennsylvania.  With these credentials we are able to pull a permit if necessary with your local township in order to make sure the job is done up to your local township's code, and most importantly done right.  Check out our reviews and customer testimonials and see for your self!!!!